24 Small Truths celebrating 25 Years

| Posted by Lynn D

Goodness what a great few days! My family, friends and customers truly are the greatest people and what a blessing it is to have them around me on a daily basis. I anticipate 25 to be my very best year yet! The past 12 months have happened SO FAST I decided to sit down and pen 24 lessons I have either learned or truly began to view as truth over the past year of rapid growth and steep learning curves! 
- 24 Small Truths : Celebrating 25 Years Of Life -

1.) Our Grandparents weren’t kidding. Rise with the sun. Even if you don’t have cows to milk and chickens to chase. 
2.) You don’t need an explanation to follow your gut. If you’re uneasy: STOP. If you feel at ease: MOVE.
3.) Consistency is key. In every single area of life.
4.) Your internal dialogue is incredibly telling to the direction your life is headed. Speak to yourself as a friend you love not an enemy you have built up anger towards. Be honest with her about where she is, never lie to her about her weaknesses and never downplay her strengths and victories. 
5.) There are many dreamers, but very few doers. 
6.) When in doubt, try things!
7.) There is a difference in being advised and influenced. Be mindful of those you allow to offer perspective and steward carefully those who have the power to move the ground beneath you. 
8.) Apply what you learn or don’t waste your time learning.
9.) Done is better than perfect, (Still trying to get this under my belt!)
10.) It’s ok to only post life’s high points, your best photo, posed, filtered and all. It’s ok to treasure up your struggle or less pretty moments for your home team and the people you love most and guess what? #PlotTwist >> It doesn’t make you any less “real” or “raw.” 
11.) Dry Shampoo is from Jesus. #CashMeOutsideHowBowDat
12.) There are some things in life you win by *simply* outlasting your opponent and pushing through, #Persevere (Thanks Lisa Bevere)
13.) Ditch the yoga pants. Want to live like a boss? Act like one. Get dressed, homegirl.
14.) The mental and emotional discipline to see all sides of a debate or disagreement is an art that brings unity to unresolved situations. 
15.) McDonalds breakfast burritos cover a multitude of sin. But only when served with extra salsa. The Bible says so.
16.) Depth is sexy. Intelligence is sexy. Sure those biceps are a smoke show but there is no match for a well read, well rounded mind. 
17.) Unity is more important than being right. 
18.) Working out *without* music is so. good. for. the. mind.
19.) Life's sweet spots don’t have shortcuts. Put in the time.
20.) A good pair of sunglasses, a solid lipstick shade and a tight pony tail is a fantastic way to conquer a nightmarish morning with a three year old. 
21.) Bandwagons may win you the popular award but aren’t solid in the least. Establish concrete values. #MillennialConfessions 
22.) Kindness is important. Really important. #ConfessionsOfAMouthyGirlTryingToBeMoreAdorable
23.) Podcasts > Music
24.) Bodysuits are life. Don’t knock ‘em til you try em.
Thank ya'll for all the birthday love over the past few days! Blessed with the best! Here's to 25 and the best days yet!

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  • You INSPIRE me girl. #AlsoTeamMouthyGirlTryingToBeMoreAdorable

    Baby T on

  • This is wonderful! You are wise beyond your years!

    NIcole on

  • As a fellow 25 year old girl boss, yes. Yes to all of this. I love the wisdom and transparency. You are awesome. Well done.

    MIkah Spicer on

  • I love all of these! Consistency is key. There are many dreamers but few doers. And allll the dry shampoo. Love you and your writing! Here’s to a great year!

    Meesh on

  • #ConfessionsOfAMouthyGirlTryingToBeMoreAdorable
    Love you for you? So so proud of you and cant wait to see you blossom even more this year!! Cheers to 25 doll!! Incredibly thankful to have you as one of my best!!!

    Emilee on

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